Start Planning Your Estate Today

Start Planning Your Estate Today

Discuss probate law with a lawyer in Tampa, FL

It's never too early to think about drafting your will. Set your children up for success and protect your business and other assets. Daniel M. Genet, P.A. helps clients plan and probate estates in Tampa, Florida.

Set up your free consultation at the law office of Daniel M. Genet, P.A. as soon as possible to start drafting your will and trust.

Trust attorney Genet for your estate planning and probate needs

The probate process exists to identify and gather the assets and debts of a deceased person. If the person in question had a will, the process probably won't be very difficult. If there was not a will, it's a little more complicated. Either way, attorney Genet can handle the probate process as smoothly as possible.

Visit the law office of Daniel M. Genet, P.A. to:

  • Draft your will and trust
  • Prepare a living will
  • Name a durable power of attorney
  • Designate your health care surrogate
  • Gift money to a charity
  • Probate a family member's estate
Don't wait-meet with a talented estate planning lawyer in Tampa, FL right away to discuss your needs or the needs of your family.